Weneurs Forum Seedling Program

4-week long ‘online’ Pre-business Program for Women Entrepreneurs having start-ups at Ideation Stage around the country. It aims to give deep knowledge, insights & directions to aspiring Women Entrepreneurs and encourage an entrepreneurial mind-set in them. The program encourages & educates entrepreneurs to work intensively on their idea validation, prototyping and development of product and further to find the right customers, work on product-market fit & launch the first minimum viable product in the market.

Eligibility Criteria
  • Start-ups with unique and innovative business ideas
  • Ideas that have commercialization potential
  • Student innovators & aspiring entrepreneurs at the ideation stage are eligible
  • Women teams having male co-founders can also apply
Key Benefits
  • Workshops & Experts Insights
  • Expert Diagnostic Sessions
  • One-to-One mentoring for potential start-ups
  • Brainstorming and meet-up sessions
  • Idea Pitching Sessions
  • Opportunity to present in front of investors
  • Opportunity to get on board under the Explorer program of WEneurs Forum and to avail intense mentoring and support
  • Pre- business Graduation Certificate

Seedling Program 2022

Women Entrepreneurs Connected

Women Led Start-up Teams Connected

Districts of India Connected

Start Date:
12th Sep 2022

Demo Day:
14th Nov 2022

List of Start-up

SL No. Company Name Founder Name
1 BabyCue Pvt Ltd. Ms. Sweety Kaur, Ms. Itishree Jali & Mr. Manish Kumar Swain
2 Duosis Bio-Innovations Pvt. Ltd. Dr. Ruby Gupta & Ms. Pummi Pradeep
3 Dhanvantri Biomedical Pvt. Ltd. Ms. Sruthi Babu
4 Sisterly Vision Pvt. Ltd. Ms. Surabhi Ganguly & Ms. Shweta Vashishtha
5 AgriAmps LLP Dr. Smita Atul Patil
6 Re-vival Shoe Laundry Pvt. Ltd. Ms. Shazia Quaiser
7 Pi HEMP Pvt. Ltd Dr. Rashmi Punhani
8 C.H.I.R.A.G. Technologies Ms. Shefali Vinod Ramteke
9 Mosh & Daughters Greenfields Pvt. Ltd Ms. Maushumi Thakurta
10 Ecoloop Sustainable Packaging Pvt. Ltd Ms. Chandni Khandelwal
11 Shree Nariyari Women's Association Smt. Rinku Devi & Smt.Varsha Kumari
12 Acculi Labs Pvt. Ltd. Ms. Nimmi Jain & Mr. Rupam Das
13 Means & Ways Services Pvt. Ltd. Ms. Susri Ranjita Sahu
14 Uncue Ms. Ruhi Kurele
15 Green & Grow Ms. Subahshree Panda
16 Go Purus Ms. Khushi Singh
17 Wanderlust Ms. V Naga Harini
18 Medquence Dr. Meghana
19 YumDrinks Ms. Namrata Yantrapragada
20 Gram devta Ms. Priyanshi Mishra
21 Upgraph Ms. Profina priyadarshini & Mr. Siddhant Das
22 Leafy Tour Ms. Anushka Padhi
23 Suresafety Ms. Siddhi kedia
24 Inscribe Ms. Abhipsha Panda

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