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(30th March 2022) Meeting of Advisory Board Members

(3rd April 22) Webinar on “Entrepreneurship as a career choice” Associating with Heeel Foundation By Dr. Manisha Acharya.

(25th April 22) Webinar on Social entrepreneurship and Artisan’s Livelihood By Dr. Megha Phansalkar

(1st June 22) Welcome Ceremony – Aadyaa Girlprenuer Program

(1st June 22) Ice Breaking Session

(2nd June 22) Who is an entrepreneur? What is a Startup Company?

(3rd June 22) Entrepreneurial skills and the impact of the surroundings on the entrepreneur

(4th June 22) Learn from an entrepreneure’s life experience

(6th June 22) Gathering information why, what & where

(7th June 22) All about Idea

(8th June 22) Business Terms

(9th June 22) Understanding the Business Plan

(11th June 22) Innovation & Design Thinking

(13th June 22) Group Presentation by All the groups

(14th June 22) Setting Up a Company

(15th June 22) Intellectual Property Rights

(16th June 22) How to make your pitch presentation

(17th June 22) Best ideas presentation to jury

(18th June 22) Award Ceremony

(13th Sept 22) Master class on Entrepreneurial Journey As A Love Game

(15 Sept 2022) Master class on “How to start a startup: How to talk to users & build products they love ” by Dr. Radhika Meenakshi Shankar

(19 Sept 2022) Master class on “Digital Marketing”

22nd Sept 22 Launch of Book “Seed to Sapling – The Incubator way” by dr. Manisha Acharya & Dr. Subhransu Acharya

22nd Sept 22 Launch of Book “Seed to Sapling – The Incubator way” by dr. Manisha Acharya ( CEO WEneurs Forum) & Dr. Subhransu Acharya.

26th Sept 22 Design Thinking for startups

28th Sept 22 Masterclass on Ask me anything

8th Oct 22 All about legal things about startups and basics of tax for law

16th Oct 22 All about finance for the startups

Social Entrepreneurship

(31.05.2023) Session on How to make your pitch presentation

(30.05.2023) Group Presentation

(29.05.2023) Session on Setting up a company

(27.05.2023) Session on Tools & Technologies – for product and prototype development

(25.05.2023) Session on Intellectual property Rights

(26.05.2023) Session on Gathering Information

(22.05.2023) Session on All about Ideas

(23.05.2023) Session on Innovation and Design Thinking

(19.05.2023) Session on Learnings from Experience_ The Entrepreneurs WayJPG

(17.05.2023) Session on Entrepreneurial Mindset and Skills Required for An Entrepreneur

(18.05.2023) Session on Personal Branding

(03.06.2023) Valedication Program

(24.05.2023) Session on Business Plan and Business Terms -min

(16.05.2023) Session on An Overview on – An Entrepreneur & Start-up-min-min