Entrepreneurship Education

Student Start-up Launchpad Program

To develop as a society or nation rapidly, like other lucrative professions, a student should also be shown how entrepreneurs play a key role in the economy, how they add value to society and how they create wealth for the nation. As knowledge, skills and aspirations evolve over time, a student should also be allowed the opportunity to choose how he/she would like to contribute to society and impact other people's lives.
Entrepreneurship knowledge and training also falls in the same line and in a country like India where study regimes are so vast, WEneurs Forum’s Student Start-up launchpad program has been designed to ingrain curiosity in the minds of young students by interesting and engrossing sessions with seasoned professionals. With a tinge of entrepreneurship, training the program has been thoughtfully curated for school-going students. The program acts as an excellent preparation mechanism for bringing out the idea within them and provides a spring-board for thoughts to action on building an enterprise as a career.